Setazol® Black M-MS/ Always Black

Setazol® Black M-MS is a reaktif black dye meeting market demands with its high fastness properties and advantages in processing

Setazol® Black M-MS/ Always Black

Date: 30 December 2019

  • High fixation ratio
  • Dischargeable up to white
  • Suitable for viscose dyeing
  • High color stability to 20 and over domestic type
  • washings demanded by brands
  • Lowest level of nylon and polyester staining

Fastness Properties

  • High wet fastness
  • High light fastness and perspiration light fastness
  • High color durability to oxidative bleachers and multiple wash cycles

Ecological Properties

  • Does not contain para-chloroaniline (PCA) and other restricted amines

Important Parameters for Mills

Thanks to its high fixation ratio, Setazol® Black M-MS reduces wash-off steps significantly, provides 40% water and energy savings compared to conventional dyestuffs.


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