• Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

Setaş, which supports its customer-oriented principle with knowledge and innovation and acts with the philosophy of being a chemical company that increases the competitiveness of its brand and business partners and works for a sustainable future, considers itself a part of the economy, society and environment;

  • Setaş works to produce ecological and technological solutions for sustainable economy, sustainable environment and sustainable society
  • Setaş evaluates the effects of its activities throughout the value chain in 3 categories based on Sustainability, Technology and Synergy approaches
  • By signing the United Nations Global Compact in 2016, Setaş develops its sustainability priorities and objectives in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and implements them across the value chain
  • Setaş sets its sustainability strategy and accordingly, its goals in cooperation and communication with all stakeholders, especially key stakeholders, and also aims to create value for them
  • Setaş designs its products and services in accordance with the ecological and performance criteria of textile manufacturers, brands, retailers and end users and in a way that meets local and international standards
  • Setaş aims to minimize the effects of products on environment and human health by continuously developing chemical management systems