• Sustainability

Sustainability Policy

Setaş is a solution partner to its customers with innovative products, acting with the principle of continuous improvement in line with the ecological and performance criteria of brands and manufacturers,  makes the necessary investments to minimize the harm to the environment and human health, and follows and applies national and international standards in these issues. Furthermore Setaş is a member of ETAD (The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers) since 2003.

Setaş supports the Sustainable Chemical Management targets of ZDHC, which was established in order to bring a practical approach to the challenges facing the industry and which led the industry to progress towards zero hazardous waste by 2020, through continuously improving all chemical management systems in its  supply chain.

Increasing environmental awareness among employees: the aim is to increase environmental awareness among employees by means of standards and internal training.

Compliance with environmental laws: follow the laws related to environment, and ensure activities is complying with this law.

Compliance with national and international standards: Environmental management system has been established and implemented in accordance with the ISO14001 certificate acquired in 2000

Supporting the principles of responsible care: the voluntary action plan of the world chemical industry has been adopted by Setaş and supported by all departments in terms of safety, human health and environmental protection.

Supporting energy-saving applications: less energy and resource utilization are provided through improvements in production processes . In addition, company employees contribute to energy saving management on an individual basis up to the paper usage and electricity.

Waste Management: Setaş utilizes its own treatment plant and the treatment services of the Organized Industrial Zone in order to the proper disposal of the waste caused from its production.

Developing the products in accordance with Oeko-Tex 100 standards in textile: In order to ensure the ecological compatibility of textile products, in accordance with Eko-Tex standards which impose restrictions on the substances on them, in production, restricted raw materials are not used or used within the  Eko-Tex  limits.

Setaş dyestuffs and auxiliaries are produced in accordance with the requirements of bluesign®, GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and Oeko-tex 100 standards and  the limits set for priority chemicals in ZDHC MRSL.

Our dyestuffs and auxiliaries dont contain, Azo dyes and SVHC substances, restricted by REACH regulation and Annex 17, also they dont contain Alkylphenol and ethoxylates (AP / APEOs), Chlorinated aromatic compounds (AOX) and formaldehyde above acceptable limits.

Setaş is one of the first dyestuff suppliers  on ZDHC Gateway portal, with its product list which includes all dyestuffs produced.

Our auxiliaries registrated, to ZDHC Gateway Chemical Compatibility Pyramid as level 1 and level 3 , with the documents of GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for Textile Chemicals and GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard)