TURQUALITY® is basically an accreditation system, designed for strengthening the beneficiary companies to the level of international benchmarks, and creating awareness on the internationally accepted values like quality and innovation carried out by Turkish brands.

As a “national brand-building program”, TURQUALITY®’s goal is both to facilitate and to support the success of Turkish brands in an international arena.

In order to support companies in their brand-building activities, TURQUALITY® helps companies to develop essential capabilities, competencies, skills and resources necessary to fulfil complex commitments through both group and individual levels.

Companies are supported by the program on following scopes:

·   Expenditure on patent, utility model, industrial design and trademark registration,

·   Expenses related to certification,

·  Expenses related to the employment,

·  Promotion, advertising and marketing activities,

·  Expenses related to oversea activities,

·         Expenses about consultancy (management, design, legal, informatics).

On July 28, 2017 Setaş fulfilled the requirements of the program and was accepted for the TURQUALITY® by the T.C. Ministry of Economy as the first and only local manufacturer of dyes and chemicals.