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Research & Development Center

Research & Development Center

Innovation is crucial for the growth and sustainability of all businesses. Customer demands continue to be redefined by new technologies, Setaş keeps being active by innovation to meet everchanging needs in today’s world.

“You always encounter with science if your focus is innovation” 

Since 1966, innovation is embedded into what we do and how we work. Our company has a proven record of scientific and technological innovations supported by every single experts working under Setaş’s roof.

Setaş has three production centers and an advanced technology center in Turkey, and one another production center specialized in pigment dying is in Uzbekistan. No matter if our experts works in production centers or in our technology centre, innovation sits in the forefront of all our everyday works. At these facilities, our experts ensure our customers can respond to the challenges in their business environment with the work delivering practical innovations.

  • Setaş Technology Centre (STC) founded in 2012.
  • More than 50 employees specifically focusing on R&D.
  • Employees are the expert on what they do both in theory and practice
  • Labs are equipped with premium instruments and tools.

What we do

At STC, our way goes always forward in order to add value to our customers’ businesses. Our experts use a tried method to develop the ideal product and solution for your specific needs. They work with you and take every detail of your requirements into account.

How we do? 

Define: Setaş’s experts understand and identify your needs to collect all relevant information.

Measure: KPIs are determined and measured and the definitions are implemented where necessary. This helps to determine the basis of the current performance or process.

Analyse: By analyzing the measurements, the variables affecting the problem are determined. Validation of those variables includes both process and data analysis, thats why it must be completed before applying the solutions.

Improve: Experts brainstorm on the solutions derived from the analysis and determine the improvement needs. This stage is also where the data is collected to verify there is a measurable improvement in the applied solutions.

Control: Control procedures are established to ensure the continuity of the improved processes.


With this new structure, Setas has got “R&D Center Certificate” given by the state and found eligible for the program supported by the Industry and Technology Ministry.

According to the Performance Index reports declared on December 20, 2017 done periodically by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology Setaş’s R&D Centre was honored:

·         Sectoral rating: 3rd out of 13 R&D centers of chemical companies.

·         Overall rating: 21th out of 144 R&D centers.

Contact: technology_center@setas.com.tr