Management Philosophy

With its creative and dynamic approach, Setaş operates with talented human resources, a strong technical infrastructure and sound financial management skills. It applies strategic management practices to ensure a smoothly run organization and plan for a secure future.

Setaş acts swiftly to provide expert solutions to address client queries and problems, and also works with its customers on projects to give them competitive advantage. It promotes awareness of our common future by assuming its social and environmental responsibilities, and encourages its employees to do so as well.

Who we are

We are a Chemicals company with customer focus.

We support our customers with know-how and innovation capabilities.

We work for a sustainable future while improving the competitiveness of our partners and our brand.


Provide high-technology chemistry in line with Industry 4.0

Combine our color knowledge with advanced machine technology for Polymers, Coatings, Textiles and Paper.

Core values

Comply with ethical values

Customer Focused

Open to innovation and change

Share information and build consensus

Right planning and analysis



Know how and experience

Team work

Desire to learn