Our Story and Founder

Our Story and Founder

Mustafa Adnan ŞENER (1914-2005)

He was born in Izmir and graduated from Izmir Ataturk High School for Boys and then Technische Hochschule Fredricana – Karlsruhe University in 1941 as a senior chemical engineer. He worked as an engineer in Sumerbank’s Gemlik, Hereke and Defterdar factories and the manager of wool industries in at the company headquarters in Ankara between 1944-1958. M. Adnan Şener founded Setaş in 1966 and served as a board member in Istanbul Chamber of Industry for long years. M. Adnan Şener was involved in his work and public life until his last days and passed away in 2005.

M. Adnan Şener was a passionate industrialist who worked hard to realize his dreams, who never lost his hope and disliked pessimism. He encouraged his colleagues to take incentives and regarded their rights and benefits. His values are adopted by all the employees of Setaş and live on.

Three turning points in M. Adnan Şener’s education and work life led to the creation and success of Setaş.

First was him becoming one of the young people in 1937 who won a scholarship to study chemistry abroad. After his return home he was one of the 700 people who pioneered the formation of chemistry industry in Turkey. These people are today called the Turkish Prometheuses or the old youngters of Atatürk.

Second was when he left Sümerbank in 1958 after 15 years of mandatory service in various factories at techical and senior administrative positions, to form his own business.

The third turning point was when he, with the driving force of his industrialist spirit, founded Setaş Chemistry Industries Corporation in 1966 and began the production of textile dyes and auxiliary substances in the factories in Çatalca. Today Setaş Kimya San. A.Ş. led by his children and grand-children continues production in Çerkezköy facilities with over 400 employees.