Responsible Care

It is aimed at the further development of the management of the chemicals produced and used by the chemical industry.

Responsible Care

​Resposible care is a commitment program implemented by the Chemical Industry in the world around Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Protection and Technical Safety. This program was started in 1984 in Canada and came to Europe in 1989. In 1993, the program has been implemented by Turkish Chemical Manufacturers Association (TKSD).

Since 1993, Setaş has taken an active role in the organisation and has committed to the implementation of all its operations in parallel with the management systems.

Globalization on commercial and industrial relations requires standardization at certain levels, particularly in terms of quality, occupational health and safety and environmental protection. As a voluntary commitment program, the Responsible care is being implemented by the companies in Chemical industry.

The responsible care program involves the execution of six management rules (Codes) as below:

Occupational health and safety

Environmental management system


Communication-Community Awareness-Emergency Situations

Process safety

Product liability 

Responsible care practice contains 8 basic principles:

Commitment: The signature and commitment of the Company's senior management to follow the guideline of responsible care.

Code of Practice and Guideline: Providing guidelines for organizations to help them fulfill their commitments.

Performance criteria: Develop performance criteria in order to monitor continuous improvement in measurable areas.

Communication: Regular communication with the related parties inside and outside the organization on the issues of Environment, Health and Safety.

Information Sharing: Organizing seminars, meetings and similar activities where organizations can share their experience, practice and knowledge.

Logo: Identifying the national program and establishing a logo that complies with the concept of responsible care.

Participation: Seeking methods for all organizations to adopt responsible care.

Verification: On-site monitoring of measurable components of responsible care.