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Setaş E-Learning System; is a set of technical training modules that can be accessed online from anywhere in the world, which is planned and implemented for changing and developing conditions by Setaş, and aims to contribute to the continuous development of its employees and business partners. In addition to the computer, it is possible to access from all mobile phones and tablets that work with Android and iOS.

System enables Setaş to share its experience and know-how more than 50 years with its business partners in the most effective way; Enriched with today's technologies, in addition to photographs and narratives, with simulations and videos the learning is made fun and memorable.

The system contents details of all standard processes from fiber to product, as well as key production points for specific products and processes such as denim, digital printing, blue jeans, technical and military textiles.

Required tests for different product groups, the methodology of the tests are explained theoretically and practically and the factors affecting the test result are discussed in all aspects. Suggestions for the problems that may be experienced and likely to be experienced and guidance for proactive measures have been made.

Lastly, beside the textile technique, as it is a sector that is intertwined with fashion, trend analyzes are periodically renewed for each season and predictions are shared about the orientations of different business lines.

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