Our History

More than fifty years of experience and know-how, a customer-based organization, and constant technological innovation make Setaş a leader in chemistry and industrial color processes.

Our History

Our Production

Setaş operates in three production centre in Çerkezköy Industrial Zone in Turkey. One another production centre in pigment dying is also based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Dyes, auxiliary chemicals, optical brighteners, electrostatic powder coatings and masterbatches are produced for textile, paper, metal and plastic industries.

Productivity, ecological compliance, high quality and zero accidents are guaranteed by using advanced technology equipments in various chemical and physical processes such as esterification, diazo reactions, methylation, coupling, injection and molding.

Our Production Capacities

Reaction unit: having a production capacity of 6.000 tons. Liquid reactive, liquid acrylic and liquid sulfur dyes are produced.

Dispersion unit: having a production capacity of 10,000 tons. Liquid disperse dyes are produced with pigment and vat dispersions.

Chemical unit: having a production capacity of 25.000 tons. Auxiliary chemicals used in textile and optical brighteners used in both paper and textile industry are produced.

Masterbatch unit: having a production capacity of 10,000 tons. PET, PE, PP PA products are produced based on colored, black and functional masterbatches for fibers, packaging and cables.

Electrostatic powder coating unit: having a production capacity of 6.000 tons.  Epoxy, PES and Hybrid electrostatic powder dyes are produced.

Our Success Ladders

1966 – Setaş founded and started trading for dyes and auxiliaries for textile and leather industry

1987 Production of first disperse dye

1989 – Left the representation and focused on its own production

1997 – Production of printing dyes for cellulose fiber and acid and metal complex dyes for polyamide fiber were started

2003 – Setaş was the first and only Turkish member of ETAD (The Ecological and Toxicological Association of Dyes and Organic Pigments Manufacturers), concentrated on human health and environmental protection. All important organizations were taking similar actions with the consciousness of protecting our common future

2003 – Production of the first organic synthetic pigment was started. Same year, production of liquid acrylic dyes for textile and paper sectors are also started

2004 Production of masterbatches was started. As one of the most important section in the chemical industry, Setaş proved itself by being the biggest local supplier in Turkish market

2007 – Production of lubricants used in fiber lubrication was started. Same year, by investing in a new electrostatic powder coating business unit, Setaş introduced its own colors to the metal coating industry with its Setacoat® brand

2010 – In order to respond dynamic fashion industry needs, Setaş started to be involved in the chemical production projects to develop new products for denim designers and manufacturers. Product and solution streamed by Setaş’s R&D unit into the field helps Turkish denim manufacturers to retain their global leadership in the industry

2011 – Setaş Technology Center was founded in September to bunch together different disciplines based on chemistry, carried out new developments with the synergy. Basic approach of Setaş Technology Center is based on close communication and information sharing within business partners

2014 – The electrostatic powder coating division, established in 2007, moved to a new plant of 11.000 m2 in Çerkezköy Industrial Zone and increased its production capacity to 6000 ton per year

2016 – Setaş joined the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) platform in September

2017 – Setaş was accepted by Turquality program, supported by the Ministry of Economy

2017 – Setaş 3 masterbatch factory opened

2019 – Production of Setactive® Inks began for digital printing industry