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Color Management

Color Management

In order to be competitive in today’s markets, companies have to deal with demanding situations in lead times, cost, quality and productivity scopes.

Setaş’s products and solutions help customers addressing these critical situations to accelerate the process of color development and deliver optimum qualitative products by adding value to the complex color management process.

Setaş Color Center, founded in April 2014, works in collaboration with brands to provide fast and high quality services.

To produce high quality, environmentally friendly and customized special products, Setaş Color Center works on color options and solutions by ensuring effective communication with the help of their technical competencies across the entire supply chain in accordance with the brand expectations.

What we do

  • Provide color options and solutions to retailers and garment manufacturers
  • Create high-quality, high-fast recipes
  • Prepare the seasonal colors of brands according to their expectations
  • Organize theoretical and practical trainings
  • Provide technical service support
  • Take part in projects with brands and dye houses