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Advanced technology based on chemistry

As one of the technology leaders, Setaş understands and provides solutions to the challenges found in the Paper Industry. With products specifically designed to support customers in its unique applications, Setaş provides solutions that offer more performance while having less waste. Dyes, optical whiteners and performance chemicals – our products are not only ensure more efficient use of chemicals, but also increase the care for environment.

Being only a manufacturer and supplier of products is not enough in today’s World. That is why Setaş sees itself as your reliable partner, provides a broad range of supportive activities to help you enhance your business.

We can work together with you on-site to develop individual solutions for smooth, efficient and profitable production processes in your business.

We advise and accompany to our customers from the earliest product development stage to the start of production. Our production facilities and network as well as our R&D centre in Turkey are at your disposal to add every possible value in your production processes.