Logistics Center

As speed and costs are becoming increasingly important in today’s markets, Setaş has developed its Simple Supply System to provide customers with the goods they need as quickly as possible and with maximum flexibility, and with minimum costs.

Within this system, the Setaş Colorcenter products in highest demand and other products are kept in depots close to customers, where they can be purchased. In this way, Setaş reduces customs and transportation costs and can deliver faster, thus minimizing its customers' inventory costs.

Quality checks of products are carried out by Setaş, and products are sold under its guarantee.

Product lists and sales conditions are provided in the links below;

  • Textile Dyes and Auxiliaries
  • Textile Printing Dyes and Auxiliaries
  • Denim Dyes and Auxiliaries 
  • Paper Dyes and Auxiliaries
  • Masterbatch
  • Electrostatic Powder Coatings 
  • Yarn - Fibre and Metal Chemicals
  • Inkjet Inks and Auxiliaries