Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is an international status provides a number of convenience and concessions in custom procedures the companies that fulfill their customs obligations, have regular and traceable registration system, have financial competence, safety and security standards and can perform their own auto control.

Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

​Why to have it?

A and B Class Certified Person Status Documents (OCSB) has been canceled as of 01.01.2017 and new applications will not be evaluated.

Benefits of Authorized Economic Operator Certificate

Incomplete statements

Partial coverage application

Prioritization of controls if the declaration is subject to clerical checks

Prioritization of controls if the scope of the declaration is subject to inspection

Goods determined by the Customs Regulation can be retreived from custom without taking the results of the analysis,

Discount guarantee application at DIIB

The most important benefit of AEO is GREEN LINE application.

Green Line: It is the line where document or physical control is not necessary.

The declarations and attachments processed under the Green Line can be kept in the companies before being delivered to the customs office and to be at hand inspections later on.

The processing time of the declarations under the Green Line is reduced to a minimum.