​Setaş offers product solutions, with its wide range of dyestuff and auxiliary ranges in liquid, powder and dispersion forms, in order to enrich polyester, cotton, acrylic and polyamide fibers, Setaş is a leader company in its field, having the ability to develop multi-functional products by using various production processes through the synergy created by Technology Center which is established to combine different R & D disciplines,.

With its annual production capacity of 15000 tons dyestuff and 25000 tons chemical, the Color Center production facility – Located in Europe and Asia continents meeting point- providing to customers in these continents, great logistical advantages such as ; low inventory costs, fast and on-time shipments.

Setaş Dye Ranges: Dyestuffs and pigments providing to customer specific solutions in accordance with the purpose and usage conditions for textile dyeing and printing processes. Powder and liquid forms of disperse, reactive, acid, metal-complex, basic and vat dyes with a wide range of colors, facilitates the customer's dye selection

Setaş is a solution partner to its customers with innovative products, acting with the principle of continuous improvement in line with the ecological and performance criteria of brands and manufacturers,  makes the necessary investments to minimize the harm to the environment and human health and follows and applies national and international standards in these issues. Our dyes are produced in compliance with bluesign® requirements and the limits set for priority chemicals in ZDHC MRSL, they comply with the regulations of the textile industry and the supply chain, as well as the restricted chemicals lists of the authorities and brands. Our dyestuffs dont contain Azo dyes and SVHC substances, restricted by REACH regulation and Annex 17 and they are fully comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100