Setaş manufactures disperse, reactive, cationic, acid, metal complex, inkjet, pigment printing dyestuffs and printing auxiliaries in order to enrich polyester, cotton, acrylic and polyamide fibers and offers products in various forms as liquid, powder and dispersion in printing dyes

Liquid dyestuffs are eco- friendly dyestuffs providing application advantages such as; ease of use, cost and time savings to printing companies. Setaş , attaches importance to high concentration, easy solubility, chemical and physical durability and standardization performance in liquid dye production

Setaş printing dyestuffs are produced in compliance with bluesign® requirements and the limits set for priority chemicals in ZDHC MRSL, they comply with the regulations of the textile industry and the supply chain, as well as the restricted chemicals lists (RSLs) of the authorities and brands. Our printing dyestuffs dont contain Azo dyes and SVHC substances, restricted by REACH regulation and Annex 17 and they are fully comply with Oeko-Tex Standard 100