​Paper, produced first time by Tsai Lun of China in A.D. 105, using mulberry, hemp and fabric pieces, since then it continues to exist for different purposes in all aspects of our life. Paper sector has a significant place in the world and  keeps developing with new features. Nowadays, various colorants and chemicals are used in the production process in order to meet the requested values in paper produced by using raw or recycled raw materials in high technology machines.

Product quality depends on the quality of the dyestuffs and auxiliaries used,  as well as the process of preparing the pulp, the mechanical methods and the type of raw materials.

Setaş (established in 1966) has decided to present its experience and know-how in the field of textiles, its production power in chemistry and its R & D capability to the paper sector for this purpose, since 2003, Setaş has started to produce dyestuffs, optical brightener and performance chemicals for packaging paper, writing paper and cleaning paper sectors.

Setaş aims to expand its overseas sales, especially with its brown dyestuffs and optical brightener products, while maintaining leadership in Turkey through new product ranges.

Dyestuffs are used for various purposes, such as shaping the physical appearance of paper, brand identification and color coding, as the oldest synthetic chemical products used in paper production.

There are four main dye groups for paper; basic dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes and pigments. Dyestuff selection depends on the end use area, the physical and chemical properties of the product and the application conditions.

Setaş produces two types of dyes and optical brighteners for the paper industry. You can check out our products at the following links:

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