​Evolving machinery and dyestuff technology reduced unit costs of printing and provided more eco-friendly solutions, as a result this has made digital printing an alternative to conventional printing.

Setaş Digital has been established in 2017 within Setaş ,the scope of 4 years of intensive R & D activities. The main purpose of Setaş Dijital is to reduce imported digital dye substitution in our country, and to produce high quality inkjet  meeting the requirements of textile sector.

In this context, Setas Digital invested in manufacturing, R & D and system infrastructure  with a monthly production capacity of 100 tons and  aims to become the largest digital inks manufacturer of Turkey and nearby regions

Setaş Digital 

  • R & D and synthesis production in Turkey
  • High production capacity
  • Quality control
  • Technical service expertise

Holistic Approach to Customer Service

We embrace holistic approach in all of our services and provide solutions that benefit our stakeholders at all levels of production processes. We support our customers to achieve quality standards and performance goals with our cost-effective, fluid digital printing inks, and vivid color shades. We provide technical service to our customers before and after sales with our expert technical staff

​Our production from synthesis with international standards covers the whole range of quality control, packaging, shipment and after-sales service processes. Setas, has carried out the  ink production from synthesis in Turkey with its 60 years of experience in dyestuff production, for the digital printing sector Thus, Setaş contributed to sustainability in the supply chain by reducing the  negative effects on the environment in logistics subject.

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