Setaş produces high-performance, resource-saving, ecological washing and dyeing auxiliary chemicals for the Denim industry and developed the 3S approach to denim finishing processes.

Reducing the impact on the environment is achievable by choosing the safer, saver and smarter chemicals and processes. And the best way towards improvement is to measure the impact with registered and certified chemicals.

Low Impact Chemicals

3S 2020 chemicals are screened for their inherent hazards and certified by third party toxicologists. Sustainability impact can be measured via EIM score:

- Certified

- EIM Score registered

Efficient Use of Resources and Chemicals

3S 2020 chemicals help to reduce water, energy and chemical waste by applying in bubble technology machines:

- Energy saver

- Water saver

- Low chemical waste

Zero Manual Operation, Low Reworks and Reasonable Prices

3S 2020 chemicals allows to eliminate most impactful manual operations such as stone washing and hand spray applications. High reproducibility rates reduce the amount of reworks and it comes with a reasonable pricing policy:

- User friendly

- Reproducible

- Economical