Setaş is a solution partner to its customers with innovative products, acting with the principle of continuous improvement in line with the ecological and performance criteria of brands and manufacturers,  makes the necessary investments to minimize the harm to the environment and human health and follows and applies national and international standards in these issues. Also Setaş continues to be a solution partner with its, brand and business-specific products, produced in different characteristics and concentrations

Setaş also produces high-performance, resource-saving, ecological washing and dyeing auxiliary chemicals for the Denim industry; Setaş auxiliary chemical product range contains, all necessary chemicals for pre-treatment, dyeing and finishing processes of dyeing , printing and washing production steps. Setaş auxiliaries provide easy application due to their high performance and foamless/low-foaming features

Our auxiliaries are produced  in compliance with bluesign® requirements and the limits set for priority chemicals in ZDHC MRSL, also they have been registered with the ZDHC Gateway.

Setaş auxiliaries fully comply with Oeko-tex 100 and the regulations of the textile industry and the supply chain, as well as the restricted chemicals lists (RSLs) and positive lists,  of the authorities and brands. Our products, does not contain, SVHC substances  restricted by REACH regulation, Alkylphenol and ethoxylates
(AP / APEOs), Chlorinated aromatic compounds (AOX) and formaldehyde above acceptable limits. Besides, our products have other product safety certificates preferred by denim brands.

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