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Setas Masterbatch provides customized solutions to your requirements

​Setaş’s products, service and solutions deliver great advantages to its customers on adding color and functionality into plastics.

Setaş’s Masterset™ product portfolio includes black, white, customized and mono colors, additive and combo masterbatches for fibres and plastics. 

As products and solutions provider, Setas is preferred supplier to many fibre producers in Europe, Middle East and North Africa on their production of Nylon, Polyester and Polypropylene fibers. Since 2009, Setas also increased its presence in the Plastics Industry, especially for PET packaging applications.

Setaş is one of the biggest industry player in color and additive concentrates and innovative performance solutions for plastics not only in Turkey but also in Europe, North Africa and Middle East with approximately 50 R&D staff in three production centers.


Products Groups

Color Masterbatches
Black Masterbatches
White Masterbatches
Functional Masterbatches
Pigments, Dyes and Additives


Textile, Carpet and Upholstery
Packaging & Toys
White Goods and Home Appliances
Construction Materials (Pipe and Hose, Heat Insulation)