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Setaş Color Center, the producer of textile dyes and auxiliaries, became the system partner of bluesign in July 2013 aiming to help its business partners to have a sustainable production with the textile dyes and auxiliaries listed in Bluefinder data base.


What is bluesign?

bluesign is one of the standards to help textile industry move towards the sustainability goals. It is a company which has been founded in Switzerland in 2000 and became the shareholder of international testing company SGS in 2008. With a holistic approach, bluesign includes chemical supplies, textile manufacturers, major brands and retailers.


What is the difference from the other standard?

Different from the other standards, bluesign system covers everything such as environmental and resource efficiency, the synthesis of new products and life cycle along with consumer safety.  It agrees that accomplishing more with fewer resources is the key of sustainability.


Important principles of the bluesign standard

  • resource efficiency
  • occupational health and safety
  • water emissions
  • air emissions
  • consumer safety


bluesign concept tools

Bluetool: Chemical assessment tool.

Bluefinder: data base of approved dyes and chemicals of system partner suppliers

Blueguide: bluesign catalog of manufacuters’ certified products


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