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Techtextil 2017, Frankfurt - Connecting the Future

Setas, solution partner for textile dyes, auxiliaries and masterbatches, displayed her new products for textile industry at Techtextil 2017, in Frankfurt, Germany, from 9-12 May.

Especially new solutions for textile coating and finishing applications, and specialty masterbatches were launched and attracted customers’ attention.

Over 47,500 visitors from 114 countries made their way to Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre, to discover the most innovative products in the field of technical textiles and the latest processing technologies.

After Germany, the three main visitor nations at Techtextil were Italy, France and Turkey.


Setaflam ® - Flame retardant products, Halogen and antimony free

It can be achieved high flame retardant effects for natural, synthetic fibers and its blends with halogen and antimony free Setaflam product solutions

Setapret ® FC6 – Durable water repellent with C6 fluorocarbon technology

Thanks to it is chemical structure, it is an innovative, ecological and environmentally friendly fluorocarbon. Provide high performance and easy application like C8 fluorocarbons.

Setapret ® PFF- Durable fluorine free water repellents

Setapret PFF is an innovative, non-toxic and eco-friendly product with a high performance and ease of use as fluorocarbon water repellants, thanks to fluorocarbon free chemicals

SetaUV ® PES –High performance UV stabilizer suitable for polyester fabrics in exhaust process

Provides UVA and UVB rays protection against effects of warping and discoloration on polyester fabrics.

Setaflex ® Smart solutions for high end fabrics

Setaflex is a functional product group that meets some of the requirements for the technical textiles in the increasing usage areas.

That meets some of the technical properties together in one product such as water, oil stain and soil repellency, flame retardancy for protection and easy care purposes, breathability and moisture management properties for comfort needs and advanced protection against heat, light and UV.

Setalan ® Comfort 200 B/L – A moisture management finish to provide durable natural feel for polyester fiber

A softener suitable for application in polyester dyeing bath to give durable natural feel to fabrics. Reduces static electricity in synthetic fibers and prevents from collecting dust and dirt.

Keep dry and cool feel by removing humidity from skin during sport activities, provides comfort on going even after washing several times.


Setas Masterbatches & Compounds are well known in Europe in color and additive concentrates and performance solutions. Global brand owners around the world rely on Setas Masterbatches to enhance the product appeal and the end-use performance of fibers and packaging.

Setas Masterbatches has a diverse portfolio of standard, custom color and additive products. Thanks to the well-equipped technology center, Setas offers performance solutions for demanding applications.

Mono & Tailormade Masterbatches

Setas Masterbatch brings sustainable production advantages for the future by putting together colorant and additive technology for the application fields of home textiles, sports apparel, automotive, contract business, and outdoor applications.

Masterset® PES 1066 FR

Masterset PES 1066 is a phosphorus based product with organic structure for the spinning process of PET fibres. Thanks to its phosphorus content of 4.8%, it is a very successful product for textile applications with dosing rates of 11-12% and excellent spin ability.

Masterset® PES 1015 UV

Setas offers PES 1015 UV for UV stabilization of polyester fabrics. The product is a highly concentrated, efficient and long-term ultraviolet light stabilizer designed for polyester fibres.

Regarding to the test results stated according to ISO 105 B04, fibers containing %3 Masterset® PES 1015 retains %50 of tensile strength even after 2000 h.

Masterset® PES 1005 HR

Masterset® PES 1005 HR, is a hydrolytically and thermally stabilized polyester resin. Using PES 1005 resin together with Masterset® PES 1015 UV stabilizer greatly enhances the weathering performance of polyester fibres.