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ITMA 2015

Setas Kimya participated as exhibitor at ITMA Trade Show which is the World’s most important textile and garment machinery exhibition that is performed in different countries every 4 years since 1951

Innovative new technologies were presented at ITMA between 12-19 Nov. 2015 in Milano with 123.000 visitors from 147 different countries

Main theme was ‘Master The Art of Sustainable Innovation'. Textile Industry gathered at ITMA globally to showcase innovative solutions for improving sustainable processes.

Several innovative products were exhibited from different sectors ranging from Fiber to Textile Recycling. Visitors showed biggest interest for Digital Printing Hall in where Setas Kimya also exhibited its innovative products.

In accordance with ITMA 2015’s 'Sustainable Innovations’ theme; several products were exhibited in Digital Printing, Carpet and Technical Textile fields that increases savings on water, energy ,costs and decreases waste.

Setas booth was visited by more than 250 visitors from 50+ different countries

Our visitors were from countries;

Italy, Spain, Brazil, Germany, France, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Portugal, Egypt, India, Iran, Mexico Israel,South africa, Uzbekistan, Russia, Tunusia

Here are some of our innovative products which pulled  visitors’ attention;

» Setapers LSE: is low sublimation digital printing ink which is produced with nano technology. It is water based and applied by transfer printing method.

Setapers LSE Download

» Setapers Liquid: Setapers Liquid dyes for Chromojet printing system .Due to micro valve system in Zimmer/Chromojet printing machines, it requires highly pure and better dispersion quality disperse dyes compared to conventional screen printing systems.Setapers liquid dyes are cost and time-saving environmentally friendly products that gives application advantages in Chromojet machines. Due to low electrolyte content of the Setapers liquid dyes, synthetic thickener consumption is reduced significantly in Chromojet machine to obtain necessary viscosity. It will also help to prevent nozzle blocking which could occur over time due to accumulated contamination’

Setapers Liquid Download

» CombiPRINT-PP7: ,The perfect solution for pile fabrics such as carpet, fleece, blankets. CombiPRINT-PP7 is a newly developed, broadband thickener system for all kind of carpets and textile printing technologies with Chromojet machine. It has excellent printing properties and in addition it has a number of major advantages in comparison to oil-based thickeners

CombiPRINT-PP7 Download

» Setalan SLP:  Disperse dyes crystallization inhibitor for Chromojet printing system. In the chromojet printing machine, the micro-valve system allows trouble-free operation.It helps for excellent printing with chromojet machine on blankets, carpets and the hi-pile products such as polar fleece.

Setalan SLP Download

» Setalan ECO Bleach:  is a pre-treatment  chemical  that has an advantage about  chemical, time , water and  energy  saving with  bleaching system at low temperature conditions. Setalan ECO Bleach provides good hydrophility and superior whiteness to cotton fabric  with bleaching process at 80 °C without any need of rinsing and overflow washing. It helps to keep natural handfeel of the fiber with less fabric weight loss.

Setalan ECO Bleach Download

» Setalan Comfort 200: is a moisture management finish to provide durable natural feel for polyester fiber. Keeps the skin dry and cool feel by removing humidity from the surface of skin during sport activities, provides comfort ongoing even after washing several times.

Setalan Comfort 200 Download

» Setapret FC6: is a durable water repellent which has  C6 fluoro carbon technology. Thanks to its chemical structure, it is an innovative, ecological and enviromentaly friendly flourocarbon.Provides high performance and easy application like C8 flourocarbons.

Setapret FC6 Download

» Setalan SD: is a dark coloring finishes which increases the deepening effect up to 40% and the cleareness of the black dyed materials of polyester or polyester blended fabrics. Further advanced deepening effect can be obtained by two step finishing process with Setasil ELS elastomericsilicone after dyeing. 

Setalan SD Download

Setas Kimya debuted its new reactive black dyestuffs suitable forboth exhaust and continuous dyeing process. These new dyes are free of prohibited arylamines and PCA. These black dyestuffs give high color depth with high fastness properties. They are suitable for wash-out process and resistant to oxidative washing.

Setapers EC is another range for polyester which complies with all well-known standards. It meets ecological demands of brands and industrial standards such as Oekotex-100 Class 1, Inditex, M&S, Benetton, H&M.