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Industrial Applications

Setaş Technology Center offers project-based service to project partners with pilot application units.


Fields of applications; 

1. Spectrophotometric Analysis

Spectrophotometric Analysis

Spectophotometric  Color Measurement

Spectophotometric shade variation on fabric

Spectophotometric Whiteness Index

2. Optical Material Analysis

Optical Material Analysis

Stability Control

Solubility Control

Evaluation of strength control by UV spektrofotometer

Evaluation of shade and whiteness index

Evaluation of fastness properties

3. Textile auxiliaries analysis

Textile Auxiliaries Analysis

Stability Control of auxiliaries

Efficiency of Desizing Enzyme

Efficiency of Celulase Enzyme

Efficiency of Catalase Enzyme

Efficiency of Scouring Agents

Wetting power  of wetting agent

Wetting efficiency of mercerizing auxiliaries

Defoaming efficiency of defoaming agents

Efficiency of sequestring agents

Efficiency of leveling agents

Efficiency of fixing agents

Efficiency of retarder

Efficiency of dispersing agents

Efficiency of wetting agents

Efficiency of softener

Efficiency of silicone

Efficiency of anticreasing agents

Efficiency of water repelling agents

Efficiency of washing agents

Efficiency of stain remover

Efficiency of stabilizing agents

Stain Analysis

4. Printing auxiliaries analysis

Printing auxiliaries analysis

Evaluation of Reactive Dyes by Printing

Evaluation of Disperse Dyes by Printing

Evaluation of Acid Dyes by Printing

Evaluation of Pigment Dyes by Printing

Evaluation of Vat Dyes by Printing

Shear Stress for Printing Pastes

Filter test for Printing Pastes

Viscosity for Printing Gums

5. Color matching

Color Matching

Color Matching for exhaust dyeing

Color Matching for continuous dyeing

Color Matching for printing

6. Polymeric material analysis

Polymeric material analysis

Precense of PVC by FTIR

Melt Flow Index

Kinematic Viscosity Control

Structure Characterization of Polymer

Thermal Characterization of Polymer by DSC

Oligomer Content in Polyester

Polymer Synthesis

Chemical Synthesis

Polymer Spinning to fiber

Injection molding to plaques

Melt Flow Analysis

Solid state polycondensation


Management Philosophy

  • 1

    Investment in innovative thought, change and the future.

  • 2

    An R&D approach which targets sustainable development and is clear, solution-oriented and internalized by all staff.

  • 3

    A multidisciplinary synergy created by the coexistence of different sectors and disciplines.

  • 4

    A institutional culture and experience derived from undertaking projects and succeeding in them.